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    City or Township Depew, NY
    Postal Code 14043, NY
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Depew, NY
    School District School District, County, NY
    Listing Service Area Area, NY
    Address 123 Main St, Depew, NY
    Street Main St, Depew, NY
    Listing ID #123456
  • Mike McDonough

    “In serving my clients and customers I will strive to solve their problems and fulfill their goals. I will always treat others with understanding, compassion and honesty and I will never compromise my client’s position in any negotiations. I will strive for a level of excellence in my service to others and will always practice with the highest ethics and standards."

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    Before you purchase a new home it is always a good idea to research the schools in the surrounding area. The quality and/or proximity of the schools surrounding your home may significantly impact its resale value.

    Select a city to view a comprehensive list of all public and private schools that are available in the area.

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    Thinking of Selling? Let’s talk Decluttering:

    When it’s time to sell your home, decluttering and reorganizing your decor can help to make the sale. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living there, and they can’t do that if you have items everywhere and crammed into every free area.  Consider decluttering as a way to begin packing items you may not need often and/or can live without for a time. 


    As you declutter, note these tips:

    •Furniture: Keep it to a minimum in living areas so that rooms appear bigger, but livable.

    •Entry: Clear out all personal items (shoes, boots, coats, umbrellas, bags, sports equipment) and other outdoor items from your foyer and/or mudroom.

    •Bookshelves: Clear shelves so that you have a neat, orderly space with books and perhaps a few decorative items.

    •Photos: Take down your personal photos.

    •Cables: Organize your cords so they appear clean.

    •Plants: Remove sickly plants and consider a few live plants throughout your space.

    •Kitchen counters: Remove most everything from your countertops if possible. Decorate sparingly (bowls of unblemished fruit, fresh herb plants). Clear off the refrigerator completely of all pictures, magnets, ect.

    •Cabinets and pantry: Arrange the shelves neatly, clearing as much as you can.  Items and labels pointed in the same direction look nice.

    •Bedrooms: Make sure beds are made and the floors are clear.

    •Nightstands: Clear off any nightly routines and try to keep just lamps and maybe a book or two left.

    •Closets: Clean out your closets with as much as possible so they appear bigger.

    •Bathrooms: Put all personal toiletries in a cabinet while your house is being shown. Consider a new neutral shower curtain, matching towels, or maybe flowers.

    Finally, as always, a clean house, is a happy house.

    Stay tuned on our site for more tips and articles!

    **If you would like a copy of the tips or article we've shared, please feel free to email me at or my assistant at


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    Nice Things Our Clients Had to Say

    Please accept our gracious appreciation for the very professional and rapid assistance you provided in our search for a new home in the Western New York area. Your up front and thorough process of making us comfortable as you discovered our needs, wants and desires absolutely proved fruitful in our finding not only the right home but also finding it in the shortest time imagineable. We trusted you, and you came through for us. And, as my grandmother used to say, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." RICH & LILA D. Western New York

    I wanted to sell my home and downsize so it was important to me to get top dollar. I hired Mike because he uses systems to get his listings sold. With today’s market, I was a little skeptical that it might take some time for my house to sell especially for the price I was asking. The McHomes system got my house sold in 3 days. We had multiple offers and my house sold for $6,100 over my asking price. SANDRA M. NY

    It was important for us to sell our house quickly. Not only did Mike list our house for more money than we ever thought we could get, he sold it for $5,000 more than that –AND in just 3 days! The McHomes system really came through for us. JOHN & AUDREY D. NY

    Since I am a single householder I felt dread and anxiety about all the concerns of selling a house. Mike was wonderful! Not only did he put me at ease with his reassurance but more importantly followed through with help & suggestions. Just as important was his professional, but humorous personality. He got the job completed and certainly lessened anxiety. PATRICIA K. NY

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